‘Fair Lady London’...” Recalls the golden era of Topic or the Transatlantic label... this fifth outing their most impressive yet” UNCUT 'Moss's burbling guitar is reminiscent of Michael Chapman, Hannah-Lou's cut-crystal voice like a modern Sandy Denny, but woven into the traditional structure are songs very much rooted in the present rather than the past.' MOJO '... a gorgeous paean to their new surroundings, ‘When Spring Calls’, cormorants and herons flashing about in the ‘electric blue and ebony’, a beautiful guitar figure that sounds a bit like the Velvet Underground circa ‘Pale Blue Eyes’; a song to cling to for those of us who find the dark afternoons and long nights a trial... What Moss and Hannah-Lou excel at is short stories, fragments of lives glimpsed through a Super-8 lens.' CAUGHT BY THE RIVER 'The poignantly bitter-sweet We Should’ve Gone Dancing is immediately and utterly unforgettable while the guitar line on Everything You Need is as beautifully infectious as something that Bert Jansch might have come up with.' FROOTS ‘With this release, Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou might develop some renown for a DIY work ethic when it comes to recording, but there’s nothing amateur sounding about the professionalism of this highly crafted effort, whose songs and melodies are destined to live long in the memory. Fifth album release from folk-pop duo is a delight.’ AMERCANA UK 'Pitch-perfect harmonies fused together with tremendous skill. The husband and wife singing duo have struck gold with their latest album 'Fair Lady London'' MAVERICK 'Moss and Hannah-Lou make it seem easy. The arrangements are simple and deeply affecting, the melodies packed with subtle nuance.' RnR




Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well.

Not that this is at all important in the current circumstances, but we would like to take the time to announce that after over 10 years, 5 albums and thousands of shows, we shall no longer be performing as TM&HL.

With a second baby very soon to arrive, it is time to move on to new adventures, and we both feel that we have made all the music we have to make as a duo. Maybe some day when we're old and can't stand the sight of each other we'll have a Hyde Park reunion show...

There are far too many people to thank for their support over the years, everyone who has bought a record, come to a show, given us hot meals and beds to sleep in, we really appreciate it and will remember your love and generosity forever.

A few special mentions though, eternal thanks to our record labels Tom Bridgewater at Loose Music, Jeff, Danny and the gang at HEAVENLY RECORDINGS, Ethan Johns (Three Crows Records), and Danny Champ and Del Day at Maiden Voyage Recording Company, to our friend, manager and mastermind Tony Crean, and to the constant and humbling wind in our sails that is John Andrews.

And to our long time collaborator and friend, Richard Causon, who left an indelible mark on our record making. Mixing album 1, producing album 2, mixing album 3, and teaching us so much about how records are made, and why.

We'd also like to thank everyone who ever booked us, and all the artists who we were privileged to share stages with over the years, but especially Tori Amos for showing us the World, and it's from that epic tour we'd like to leave you with this, from the Boston Opera House, having the time of our lives...

'I'll give in, fade away, come to some compromise,
The day the rebel in me dies.'

In a parallel universe we shall forever be on the road, trundling along in our old camper, singing songs every night, but for now, peace, love, and well being,

Trevor & Hannah.