APRC / Three Crows Records

Released 2nd October 2015

Produced by Ethan Johns

1. Expatriot (WATCH VIDEO)

2. Galley Hill (WATCH VIDEO)

3. Up Mercatoria

4. Babe To Cradle (WATCH VIDEO)

5. The Pigeon People

6. Our Tryingest Hour

7. Catch Me Out

8. If Only I Were The Kind

9. The Relinquished

10. Old Red Box

11. One And The Same

12. A Better Day (WATCH VIDEO)

La Ferme De Fontenaille


Released 5th November 2012

Produced by Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou

1. A Proud Surrender (WATCH VIDEO)

2. Arica Road

3. Two Strangers

4. Gypsy Child

5. Grand Tales In Tired Covers

6. For A Minute There (WATCH VIDEO)

7. Never More Than A Moment

8. Sweet Mary Jane

9. Enough To Let You Go

10. The Day The Rebel In Me Dies

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Quality First Last & Forever!

Heavenly Records

Released 20th June 2011

Produced by Richard Causon

Additional production by Dan Carey and Adem.

1. Spin Me A Rhyme (WATCH VIDEO)

2. All Been For Nothing

3. Cheap Wine

4. Long Way Round

5. Making It Count (WATCH VIDEO)

6. A Hill Far, Far Away

7. Big Water (WATCH VIDEO)

8. The Stargazers' Gutter

9. Feel At Ease (WATCH VIDEO)

10. The Passing Of Time

Live At The Tin Tabernacle

Heavenly Records

Recorded by Paul Burnley

Mixed by Trevor Moss


The Passing Of Time

The Stargazers' Gutter

The '88


A Hill Far, Far Away

Making It Count

Cheap Wine

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou

Loose Music

Released 15th February 2010

Produced by Romeo Stodart (Magic Numbers), Danny George Wilson (Grand Drive / Danny & The Champions Of The World) and Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou

1. Allotment Song (WATCH VIDEO)

2. One Wednesday In June

3. England (WATCH VIDEO)

4. Sally Took The Ivory

5. Concorde (WATCH VIDEO)

6. Heaven Knows

7. These Are Your Days

8. Ruth Drink My Whisky

9. Standing Down

10. Half Way Home

11. The Lion And The Unicorn

12. Some Dreaming To Do